May 25, 2024


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How UAE gained an edge post-pandemic through online HR software

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Businesses have to suffer the most due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic consequences were so drastic that companies had to seek every way possible to regain what was harmed. However, the effect was not only on corporate operations. Workers, or say human resources are also the victim of that critical phase.

Even though many companies chose the virtual work mode, making the employees adapt to it in such a short duration was a big challenge. Amid these trial and error strategies to streamline employee management, companies in the UAE have found the most feasible solution to overcome and schedule HR operations accordingly.

The UAE’s companies have made employee training management a priority for a long time now. That’s why companies in the UAE have a good employee engagement rate. UAE has allowed the businesses to follow the work from home mode with the inclusion of introductory training sessions. Now, planning and training initiatives for enhancing human resources was not that difficult. Every organization has implemented online HR software in UAE. So; employees were technology adapted.

The online Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) has a separate module for employee management, i.e., HR Training Management Software. Businesses can carry out corporate training schedules in virtual mode through this software. This transition phase also involves the implementation of the Learning Management System (LMS) of the HR software.

Corporate training management proved to be more effective in the UAE due to implementing quality and functional HRMS software. Thus, the following are the advantages that businesses in the UAE obtained by integrating online HR Training Management Software in the post-pandemic era.

Easy planning and scheduling for training

The communication network ought to be precise for work from home mode to effectively work. And, HR Software clearly is up for this issue. With the HR Learning Management Software system, formulating training schedules weekly, monthly, or yearly basis became straightforward. Employees can meet virtually at the same time as a team. The HRMS determines the average duration of training hours and develops a training program fit for each employee. This feature effectively assesses the employees’ needs, thus bringing further job engagement.


Almost every HR function can be automated through suitable HR software implementation in the business. The UAE’s companies have followed the same process for automating the necessary HR functions to save money, time, and resources. Automated HR functions have clearly shown quick and accurate results and solutions for HR issues. For employee management, an automated tracking system notifies the employees of their tasks. It also tracks the development. Automatic reminders ensure that employees do not forget the task assigned and complete them on time. Further, employees gain work productivity.

Direct feedback and support

Companies in the UAE have fully utilized the comprehensive training management software or the online HRMS learning management software to schedule training sessions and receive feedback from the concerned employees. Even better is that not only the employer but employees can also request extra training sessions for a specific duration while receiving support. This capability of the HRMS system enables the employees to work hard and develop their skills to their highest potential by themselves because feedback and support from the HR managers can do a lot as a motivation act.


Certain areas of the online HR Software system are easily accessible by concerned members of the organization. As much as HR Software provides easy accessibility to the employees, the safety and security are also intact. So, you see, applying reliable HR Software in the business is pretty convenient for everyone in the organization. This feature has allowed the firms in the UAE to be as transparent as possible to the workforce.

Regarding the training management system, the ease of accessibility has enabled hassle-free training sessions. The training programs are created as per the employees’ availability by the HRMS, so it is convenient for both parties involved. When the employees’ schedules intertwine with the training classes, they can access the same on their mobile devices as well. It is possible because high-tech HR Software often has a mobile application available for iOS and Android mobiles. Hence, employees can access the training programs through the learning management system on their phones anytime, anywhere.

Efficient employee assessment

Evaluation of employees’ performance is often a challenge for HR managers. But with HRMS, employee management can be automated. The HR training management software has a pre-assessment and post-assessment feature that streamlines these HR functions during the employees’ training sessions. The UAE’s companies take every responsibility for their employees’ development. For that, automating and simplifying employee assessment functions produce better results. Whether the training is held online or offline, these features work. Quality assessment benefits both parties. While employees learn new things, the employer can know the effectiveness of particular training programs.

Last thought

Therefore, by going through the whole article, I hope you understand how UAE has managed to gain an edge for their HR training through HRMS integration.

Story by Roy Calaguas

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