Internet Amused by User Whose Costume Convinced Crows Into Hating Police


The internet is wowed by a social media user that explained how they believe they got crows to hate police officers in a new viral post.

In a submission to Reddit’s “TIFU”—also known as “Today I F**ked Up”—a user that goes by the name u/crowshateme shared their story from a few Halloweens ago where they believe they got crows to hate the police. The post has 32,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments.

For Halloween one year, they explained that the Reddit user and their friends dressed up as police officers and went partying to get drunk. After leaving a bar very intoxicated, they went to another Halloween event which was held outside.

The group noticed a group of crows and decided to run at them screaming. When walking home, they came into contact with the birds once more.

In a 2021 article written by the Washington Post, experts discovered that crows are very smart creatures.

“They use tools to solve complex problems, and they remember faces for years and mimic sounds they hear,” it said.

A crow on wood
Reddit user believes that when he annoyed a group of crows dressed as a police officer for Halloween, he caused the crows to hate policemen after many attacks occurred.
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The Redditor continued: “We ran into the same crows again (I assume anyway). As we were walking home we saw a bunch of crows congregating around some food. Being the drunk idiots we were, we decided to chase them away from their food, because everyone loves being chase away when they are eating food.”

Since annoying the crows, the user explained many incidents where they witness crows attacking police officers. They spotted police officers swarmed by crows when heading back to their police car. Another one when the user was driving and he saw a policeman pull someone over, once he got out of the car he was swarmed by crows and ended up getting back in the car.

“Eventually I put together that the crows we picked on when we were in cop costumes had told their fellow crows to pick on anyone wearing a similar outfit,” they wrote.

Commenters were amused at the tale.

“Step one: dress up as someone I hate, step two: harass crows, step three: have a personal crow army,” u/ConcernedCitizenR wrote in the top comment with 15,300 upvotes.

U/Morasain said, “Not only do crows not forget, they also teach others. They’re absolutely amazing animals. Definitely smarter than some humans, case in point: op!”

“That’s it. I’m getting 5 pet crows. I want my own aviary army,” u/Snoo_60604 admitted.

U/CaledonianWarrior wrote in part, “Not only will they remember specific individuals as threats but will even have their own specific calls for that individual so when one crow calls out the rest all know how to respond (e.g. they’ll attack, flee or crowd whoever the individual is).”


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