Find Out If This Tax Software Flies Above Its Peers

The beginning of the year inevitably leads to thoughts of April 15 and the upcoming tax season. Millions of Americans rely on tax software packages to help them file their taxes. Tax software aids people in navigating their way through complicated tax rules and typically costs less than hiring an accountant. It can also help taxpayers file — and receive any refund they’re due — early.

TaxHawk software review

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TaxHawk software review

Find Out: Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Taxes Anymore


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Much of the attention often goes to packages such as TurboTax, TaxAct and H&R Block. But TaxHawk stands out as a compelling choice. The following information should help you decide whether the online software package can serve your tax preparation needs.

TaxHawk Features

TaxHawk is one of the lower-cost options available for tax software. The vast majority of federal filers can use the software

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What is a Simple Tax Return?

If you plan on filing your own taxes this year, you may qualify for a simple tax return. You can file a simple tax return for free using many of the best tax software. But if it’s the first time you’re filing taxes or you’ve previously hired an accountant, you may not know if you can file a simple return.

To help you figure out where your tax situation stands, CNBC Select looks at who qualifies for a simple tax return and where you can file your taxes for free.

What’s a simple tax return?

A simple tax return is the most basic type of tax return you can file. Each tax filing program defines simple tax returns differently, but they generally include:

  • W-2 income
  • Limited interest and dividend income
  • Standard deductions
  • Unemployment income

Many of the best tax software programs also include:

  • Earned income tax credit
  • Child tax
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The best tax software for 2021

Tax time nears once more, which means you need to pick the best tax software to help you get your taxes filed to Uncle Sam. We evaluated five of the best tax software services to determine which are most suitable for specific tax needs.

Tax year 2020 — which is what the best tax software 2021 services — sees the expansion of a trend we first observed two years ago: Live tax assistance from a tax pro. Four of the five services we tested now have some variant of live tax pro assistance available. Overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with your taxes? Pull together the necessary documents and at least one service has an all digital do-it-for-you option.

These options couldn’t come at a better time for tax filers, who have to navigate the tax impact of COVID and the coronavirus stimulus. The year 2020 keeps on giving, this

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Latest ez1099 Tax Preparation Software Offers Compatibility For 1096 and Other 1099 Form Corrections

2020 ez1099 tax preparation software is now available to allow correct previous year 1096 and other 1099 forms. Test drive for up to 30 days at with no cost or obligation.

Ez1099 2020 supports correction forms 1096 and other 1099 corrections for previously processed errors. updated the software so customers simply purchase the version for the year that the corrections need to be made and the software will accommodate form processing and corrections. Please see the link below for further information.

“Customers are accommodated with the ability to process 1096 and other 1099 form corrections in latest 2020 ez1099 software from” Dr. Ge, Founder of says.

Ez1099 is $79 per installation for the basic version or $139 per installation for the advanced version with bulk printing feature, import feature, PDF file creation and electronic filing capability.

Customers are invited to download and try ez1099 at

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