June 16, 2024


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they dislike data collection but want personalised ads


One in three Brits wants more personalised ads, but 70% consider data collection “immoral”. That’s according to a report by YouGov, commissioned by creative technology agency Rehab.

The report highlights concerns that the British have about businesses respecting their personal data, and the general ineffectiveness of current advertising.

Sixteen per cent of the 2,091 people surveyed thought that the companies they interacted with properly understood their needs as a person and 61% of people said they were not comfortable with businesses knowing their online behaviour. However one in three Brits (39%) claimed to prefer a personalised experience over an unpersonalised one, and this preference was strongest in younger demographics, rising to 45% in people between the ages of 18 and 24.

With the use of third-party cookies soon to end, there is a need for brands to collect first-party data in an open, consensual transaction with their users. The Rehab and YouGov First Party Data Report highlighted that this may prove difficult. In fact, Rehab found that 80% of people reported they had no idea that any changes are taking place to internet cookies, highlighting there is a chance that many may react strongly to noticeable changes.

Rob Bennett, chief executive of Rehab Agency, said: “Our report highlights some staggering concerns from the general public around data collection, which will become a colossal issue for businesses once cookies are phased out.

“Brands everywhere will need to actually build a relationship with their customers, rather than relying on digital stealth. To do this, they will need to provide customers with more value and more reasons to trust in their relationship.

“Getting it right means pulling technology and marketing together to manage a strategic shift, with absolute transparency on why personal data is collected and how it’s protected.”


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