June 14, 2024


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This epic bundle puts 5 of the most highly-rated software architecture eBooks at your fingertips

Just because you know how to whip up a mean spaghetti bolognese doesn’t mean you have what it takes to open a successful restaurant. The same can be said with business and software development — the two are based in somewhat different wheelhouses but go hand in hand in a wide range of industries.

Whether you work in app creation, web design, or any other type of software development, at some point, you’ll need to learn how to incorporate the art of business into things, which can be a little tricky. But with the eBooks in this O’Reilly collection, engineers and developers alike can learn the language of business as it pertains to the type of technology they work with without ever stepping foot in a classroom. 

With impressive Amazon ratings as high as 4.7 out of 5, these eBooks are incredibly effective at relaying key concepts, functions, and ideas that help developers bridge the gap between software architecture and business. And with a name like O’Reilly Media, you can trust that these books are relevant to today’s fast-paced technology, with decades of instructional expertise under their belt.

With titles like 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know, The Software Architect Elevator, and Designing Distributed Systems, readers are exposed to the many potential developmental roadblocks that can prevent software from reaching its true potential. The subject of navigating technical and organizational topics is also covered, giving readers a foundation to build on right from the get-go.

The bundle also includes an entire 206-page book eBook that helps developers understand how microservices work and how to build an application accordingly. You’ll explore the model for creating complex systems and a design process for building a microservice architecture, similar to what big companies like Netflix and Amazon once had to do.

The Software Architecture eBook Bundle by O’Reilly is currently discounted to just $9.99, making each eBook around $2 bucks.