EHR Vendors Tweak Software to Support Mass Vaccination Efforts

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The two leading vendors of electronic health record (EHR) systems, Epic and Cerner, announced recently that they were supporting mass vaccination sites with specially designed software. They are among a number of EHR suppliers and other technology firms that have begun to provide technical support in the national COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Epic said its software is now being used to support 100 mass vaccination sites across the country. These locations have the capacity to administer 300,000 vaccinations per day, the firm said. Through these mass sites as well as traditional clinical settings, Epic software is being used to administer approximately 500,000 vaccinations daily. The company said it plans to add another 100 vaccination sites in the next 30 days.

Epic said its solution includes patient outreach tools to reach priority populations, patient scheduling, mobile

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All Wondershare Software Now Appropriate With IOS 14

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Apple’s Improved iPhone 12 Repair Process Cuts Down on Waste

Apple is making it easier for Authorized Service Providers and technicians manning Genius Bars to perform same-unit repairs on the iPhone 12 rather than being forced to opt for a whole-unit replacement.

As MacRumors reports, Apple just sent out an internal memo to its technicians informing them a new “iPhone Rear System” part will be available to use from Feb. 23. The part consists of the rear enclosure of either the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini and contains the battery, logic board, wireless charging coil, Taptic Engine, and Face ID system. The only missing components are the display and rear camera.

With this new part available, Apple’s technicians can keep the owner’s original display and rear camera if the fault lies with one of the other components in the iPhone. Until now, the entire phone would need to be replaced. It’s a small change in terms of the

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