Collusion and collisions – The new rules of competition in the technology industry | Business

TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES exhibit a curious lexical property. Google and Zoom are verbs. So, in Chinese, is Taobao, the name of Alibaba’s vast e-mall. Uber and Didi, its Chinese ride-hailing rival, are synonyms for “cab”. Facebook means, simply, the internet in Vietnam, where people mostly access the web through its social networks. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Netflix are not literally bywords for, respectively, online shopping, smartphones, office software and video-streaming—but they might as well be.

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To tech’s critics, these definitional regularities point to something insidious, encapsulating in a word the dominance that each firm wields over its digital fief—some of it possibly ill-gotten. In December American trustbusters sued Facebook for alleged anticompetitive behaviour, and Chinese ones launched an investigation into Alibaba. The central plank of

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Stanford-Educated Software Engineer Develops App To Combat Online Abuse : NPR

In part because of her own experience of online harassment, software engineer Tracy Chou launched Block Party, an anti-harassment startup that aims to help people feel safer on social media.


Women and people of color are often the targets of harassment and abuse online, and that drives some to simply abandon platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Now, a software engineer is using her own experience of harassment to build tools that help people feel safer on social media. NPR tech correspondent Shannon Bond has more.

SHANNON BOND, BYLINE: There’s a saying in Silicon Valley – solve your own problems. And Tracy Chou sees plenty of problems in her social media feeds.

TRACY CHOU: Everything from the casual mansplaining reply guys to really targeted persistent harassment and stalking and explicit threats that have led me to have to go to the police and file reports. Like, I’ve experienced

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