How To Create Compelling Content For Online Presentations

When it comes to learning webinars (I call them Live Online Learning—LOL Programs—to clear the boring baggage of the term webinar), content truly is king or queen. That means getting your slides right and choosing a style and format that supports the learning objective and is appropriate for the audience. Before creating your learning materials, remind yourself of the learning objective.

Complete this statement from the perspective of the audience:

After participating in this _______________ Learning Experience, I will know ­­­­­­­­­_____________; I will be able to _____________, ­­­­______________, and ­­­______________; and I will feel _______________.

For example, here’s one from a webinar I deliver as part of a larger personal branding experience:

After participating in this Superpowers Learning Experience, I will know why strengths are important to career success; I will be able to describe my strengths, integrate my strengths into my daily work and

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10 Applied sciences That A Programmer Ought to Be taught In 2019

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For starters, SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING stands for search engine marketing, and it’s the method of improving a website in ways that assist it rank in search results when customers search for specific phrases and phrases. The variety of links to your page is a robust indication of the value and high quality of your content material. Analytical abilities. Pc programmers should perceive complicated instructions so as to create pc … Read More