June 20, 2024


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Best HR Software Platforms in 2022

Learn about the most important features you’ll want to examine deeply when shopping for your HR software platform.


The onboarding process is more than just documentation for a new employee; it’s a powerful way to communicate your company culture and show your true colors with the benefits, support, and compensation you offer your employees. On the administrator’s side, this complex process means getting your newest team members ready with the right equipment – setting up software access, permissions, payments, benefits, garnishments and other critical operations. HR software tools streamline this process with automated workflows, taking as little as 90 seconds to give your new employees everything they need to succeed and feel comfortable in their new role – the moment they arrive for work on their first day, no matter where that happens to be. 

Payroll and Taxes

Another daunting task that demands the highest degree of accuracy is paying your team. Today’s best HR software platforms make it easy to run accurate payroll for salaried and hourly employees, but more importantly, they automatically calculate and file all of your local, state, and federal payroll taxes on your behalf. Payroll compliance is not only an essential part of operating a business, but also a way to help you keep your reputation at its highest level and attract the best talent available. 


Financial and health benefits administration can be a giant headache for new and established HR teams alike. Whether you’re shopping for providers, enrolling new employees, or helping a team member navigate a life-changing event such as the birth of a child, this is another area where you have to satisfy everyone. Most all-in-one HR software platforms have native integrations with thousands of benefits providers, or open APIs that allow you to keep your existing benefits packages but manage the data through your HR dashboard. Whatever case suits your company best, keeping all of your benefits data in one place that’s easy for employees to check and understand will save you time and greatly reduce your stress.


Open APIs and marketplace integrations are the easiest way for small and midsize businesses to tailor HR solutions for their teams. Finding an HR software platform that integrates with various other programs is important to keep your company agile and adaptable. For small companies, the software services you need will likely evolve as you grow, so it’s important to know you can mix and match your benefits, accounting systems, payroll solutions, and other critical apps to meet the challenges you’re sure to face in the years to come. Most of the HR solutions designed for small and midsize businesses offer extensive opportunities for integrations, ensuring you always have access to the tailored solution you need.